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are from California and adore the sunshine • think being event planners is the best thing since sliced bread • love our husbands • find inspiration everywhere, YES EVERYWHERE • are slightly obsessed with all things wedding blog related • may not think s’mores are the best dessert option • laugh at ourselves and one another often • secretly think we are pretty awesome (shh!) yet the most awesome people we know are brides • have fun! • finish each others sentences on an hourly basis • love our families • live for the moments that make our couples smile • believe that in the end,

love is all you need


“We started our company out of a love for all things wedding and the understanding that one person truly cannot plan a wedding alone! All You Need Is Love Events consists of not one, but two incredibly fun and creative coordinators each with their own style. PLUS, we’re both recent brides, so we understand what you are going through better than anyone!”