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We have been planning away the past few weeks and it has truly been a lot of fun! Vikki and I have 5 brides we are working with at the moment and each one is so sweet and excited for the whole entire process to begin. It is infectious to be around love in all its glory! We truly didn’t expect to have this many weddings and here we are, trying to ride the roller coaster as it zips downward at a FAST pace! 
One thing we are working on right now is figuring out our logo. It is truly one of the harder things we have had to do. All of our other ideas have been so natural and just gel (we seem to share the same brain in regards to a lot of things) but we both are still stuck on what a good logo should be. 
ANY suggestions are of course welcome:)
The next big thing we have to do is register our company. It makes it feel so REAL! I almost want to force TD or Brian (Vikki’s fiancee) to come with us to take pictures. I mean it is a marriage for us in sorts. I am so thankful for my fairy god planner who lets me bug her with questions. She has already given some really great advice which has come in quite handy!!
Anyways bloggers, Happy Monday! Enjoy your week and welcome to March! Our first wedding is next month and we can’t wait! Ashley and Randy…we are glad you are first!


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