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Helpful Honeymoon Tips

A great article written by Guest Blogger Melanie Tang! When you imagine your dream honeymoon, it probably evokes images of beautiful sunsets, luxurious king-sized beds, savory flavors and quiet strolls down quaint streets while holding hands and relaxed smiles full of bliss. What

Guest Blog: 3 Ways to Take Care of Love

The advice seems so simple, right? Maybe even a little too simple. But as someone who has studied and read and written about relationships for a few years, I’m going to have to agree with Shannon & Vikki… All you need is love. 

Hi! We’re Vikki and Shannon

We started All You Need Is Love Events out of a love for all things wedding and event related with an understanding that one person truly cannot plan an event alone. With a lot of hard work, a passion for perfection and a strong desire to take care of all clients equally, All You Need Is Love Events simply wants to have happy clients with weddings that reflect their personalities and individualities…

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