Private Home, Laguna Beach, CA / Christine Chang Photography
"These girls are a godsend. The whole process with them was easy, comfortable, professional, and I am happy to say that I have two new friends in Vikki and Shannon. They were always easy to get in touch with, offered valuable information throughout the planning process without EVER being pushy or concerned with what option would be easier for them. They wrangled our wedding party of 20 people on the day-of for a myriad of things without being bossy, dealt with some very poor behavior from a family member gracefully (and kept it to themselves – I found out how rudely they had been treated from someone else – so professional). I was fully able to enjoy the day as the wonderful, magical, memorable day it should be (and was!). I adore these girls, and you will too. I promise." - Chandra and Tony

Chandra & Tony
Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, CA / Braedon Photography
"Hands down the BEST decision made throughout the entire wedding process was hiring All You Need Is Love Events as our wedding planners. They are simply amazing and I feel so very lucky to have found them. We started working with these girls about a year before our wedding and I never once felt as if they had any clients other than myself. They made my wedding day the best day of my life and more than I could have ever imagined. They helped to make our wedding unique and very fitting to our personalities. The day itself can be a very stressful day as there is a lot going on, especially for the bride, but I can honestly say that there was not one stressful moment in the entire day. They had everything under control and were ready for anything. With our down to the minute layout, everything flowed so perfectly. I don't feel that every bride has the luxury of a stressless, relaxing day but I do feel that if you hire these gals that is exactly what you will get. All You Need Is Love Events will make your day everything you have ever dreamed of." - Tricia and Sam

Tricia & Sam
Smog Shoppe, Culver City, CA, / Adrienne Gunde Photography
"We cannot possibly thank you enough for being part of our wonderful day... for MAKING our day so wonderful!!! I still cannot really talk about it without crying.  You guys are BEYOND amazing!  There were so many things that made our wedding day so perfect and wonderful for us, and you guys were a very big part!  Thank you for EVERYTHING!" - Ayumi and Brian

Ayumi & Brian
Stone Manor, Malibu, CA / Beautiful Day Photography
"Shannon and Vikki are a dream. They are incredibly responsive--usually replying to emails and calls within minutes--and really make you feel like you are their only client. Not only that, but they have the ability to translate your wants and wishes into reality by sitting you down and helping you figure out where your priorities are and how to get the most for your budget. Thanks to them, my wedding was absolutely perfect! They are two of the sweetest, most informative ladies you'll ever meet and absolutely crucial on the day of. I would recommend them to anyone." - Hailey and Sam

Hailey & Sam
Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, CA / Jennifer Roper Photography
"Shannon and Vikki made my wedding day exceptional and seamless. They are professional, warm, and calm, and brought order to a chaotic day. Among their many advantages: They operate as a team, they "get it" - they help you hone and carry out your vision and their personal touches elevate them to a whole different level. They don't just do their job - they go above and beyond. They exceeded every expectation we had. Several guest at our wedding commented on how professional they were and how effortless everything seemed (because of them!) Simply put, Shannon and Vikki are exceptional at what they do – when you combine their team approach with their personal touches, the result is excellence and an unforgettable event. Worth every penny. If you are looking for a coordinator, stop looking and just hire Shannon and Vikki - you won't regret it." - Jeanine and Jeff

Jeanine & Jeff