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Personal Touches make it that much better

I had an amazing meeting yesterday with one of our brides, Ashley (we wrote about her previously in Meet Ashley and Randy). We went to a cute little cafe and sat for about 2 and half hours and talked ALL things weddings. Ashley and Randy are getting married in April and so All You Need Is Love Events is really just acting as their “day of” coordinators but it was fun to sit down and go over a timeline, talk about the specifics, and hear about all the adorable personalized moments they are placing in their wedding.

When I asked Ashley about her invitations, she surprised me by letting me know she actually had a sample to show me. I of course was beyond excited as I love all things invites! Randy (the Groom) is an artist and so he hand designed their invitations using…wait for it…WATERCOLORS! These invites truly are one of the most personal and heartfelt invitations I have ever seen. I tried to capture them via my awesome IPhone camera so the quality is not that great but hopefully you can see how special these invitations are! What I find amazing is that he was able to capture the venue where they are getting married so beautifully that people are asking Ashley if they can keep the response cards. She had to tell them no:) Enjoy!

This is their response card and it features the gates at the LA River Center
where Ashley and Randy are getting married. I know the quality of the picture doesn’t 
capture it as well but these were done in watercolor! AMAZING!
Back side of the response card.
Cover of the formal invitation.
I love the cartoon versions of Randy and Ashley on the cascading
red carpet into the flower beds. Perfectly LA:)
Backside of the invitation. Sorry it is blurry!
This is my favorite part of the set. Ashley has a large family (she is from Texas) and 
it is hard for all to come. SO…they are throwing a reception in TX and this is the
invite for that event. How cute is CA throwing the bouquet to TX? I love this!
This is the backside to that invite. The wording is definitely part of the charm:

“Can’t make it out for the wedding or
just can’t get enough of Ashley and Randy?
Then you’re in luck!”
I just adore the states sipping champagne and throwing confetti together. Randy is from Wisconsin, so that is why the Badger state is hanging out in the crowd. Again, this is just so amazing!
So there you have it. Ashley and Randy are just too creative for words! I think that Randy needs to go in to a little side business doing personalized invitations don’t you think??? 


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