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Should I do a first look?

We get this question ALL the time! And it’s so personal, but we always love to share our thoughts about it because we absolutely see both sides – doing a first look or waiting until the ceremony to see each other. Today, we’ll focus on why we think you should do a first look:

• CALMING THOSE NERVES – First and foremost, do a first look if you know you are going to be a little nervous and your groom is the person to calm you down. We tend to find that brides who do a first look are less anxious for the ceremony and generally more relaxed leading up to the entire wedding day.

• ITS ALL ABOUT YOU AND HIM – Being able to see each other for the first time alone – just you two {well, and maybe a photographer and planner} makes that moment extra special. You are free to fully enjoy and savor that moment – hug, kiss, cry, laugh – enjoy all those natural emotions. Some brides and grooms feel awkward when they are at the ceremony and cannot hug when they first see each other and this moment allows for that.

• PHOTOS – Doing a first look provides much more time for photos before the ceremony. Typically, we suggest a first look, followed by bride and groom photos, followed by wedding party photos and family photos. This allows you to fully explore the area you are getting married and get tons of gorgeous photos. Plus, if you’ve missed any, you have cocktail hour to grab them, unlike if you had to get ALL photos at cocktail hour, you may forget about a few and not get the moment to get them again. Which brings me to my next point…

• ENJOY COCKTAIL HOUR – Cocktail hour is often times some of the best time at a wedding. It’s relaxed, easy, everyone is extremely happy after witnessing the ceremony, and drinks are flowing. When you do a first look, you get to attend most of your cocktail hour with your guests and it’s often the only time you will get to talk with many of them. You likely paid a lot of money for this hour – enjoy it!

With all that being said, enjoy some First Look photos from some recent weddings we have done! Maybe the photos alone will convince you….

[gdl_gallery title=”firstlook13″ width=”GALLERY_WIDTH” height=”IMAGE_HEIGHT” galid=”1″ ]


Photo Credits: 1} Vanessa Preziose Photography 2} Christine Chang Photography 3} Jennifer Roper Photography 4} Brandon Kidd Photography 5} Amelia Lyon Photography



  1. Matt Haines said...

    My wife and I did a first look, and it was wonderful! Some couples I think worry that the walking-down-the-aisle moment will be less special if they do a first look. I found that it was more like a two-for-one special: both moments were meaningful and different in their own way. And I’ll tell you, I remember the ‘first look’ moment in way more detail than when my wife walked down the aisle. So while as a photographer I certainly think the benefits of a first look are very practical, as a husband I think the benefits are ALSO emotional.

  2. VMarsee said...

    Thanks so much for your comment Matt!! We totally agree 🙂

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