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The Dreaded Bridesmaid Dress

We have all seen 27 Dresses (well at least I HOPE you have seen it) and know that all bridesmaid dresses are NOT created equal. When I was planning my wedding, I set out to try and find something that was cute and affordable. What I found out was that many “bridesmaid dress” companies charge upward to 350 dollars for a dress you most likely would wear ONCE in your life. Now this coming from a girl who rented her wedding dress (more on that at another time), I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t ask the girls to wear a horrible piece of fabric that they would spend way too much money on and never wear again. I mean come on, you ASK these people to be in your wedding cause you love them! Why would you make them wear something hideous?!?!? 

Enter J. Crew. I have always loved this store and admired those fashionistas who could rock their apparel with such grace and elegance. My SIL is definitely one of those and I am forever jealous!! My best friend Kristy showed up to a mutual friends wedding wearing this adorable little black dress! Needless to say, when asked where the dress hailed from, she promptly replied “J.Crew”. Thus the search for the bridesmaid dresses began.
(Okay you can’t really tell the detail but Kristy is the one on the left in the 
adorable strapless black dress)
I made my other bridesmaids Whitney and Quinn accompany me to the nearest J. Crew store and try on dresses. NOTE TO BRIDES: My tip would be to have the dresses ordered to the store prior to trying them on so that you aren’t left with colors and fabric that you are not liking. The girls were troopers and tried on a variety of styles…all which gave me pause and did not win my heart over. I kept going back to the idea that I wanted a simple, summer feeling and something all my girls could wear (but let’s be honest…have you seen my bridesmaids, they are one fine looking group of ladies!
Missing my sisters but this is truly a phenomenal picture!!!
So I kept going back to that one little black dress that Kristy got and thought why not check to see if they have it in my color…and they DID! I was so happy…and guess what! All the girls loved it. So for under 200 dollars, they girls got a dress they liked and looked amazing in and I got to feel somewhat good about not having them pay an arm and a leg for their attire. Oh and my girls also recycled their dresses to another wedding party…so those dresses totally got a two for one deal:) Here they are in the dresses:


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